The most recent stable version of SimInf is available from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) at and may, depending on your platform, be available in source form or compiled binary form. The development version is available on GitHub at A binary form of SimInf for macOS or Windows can be installed directly from CRAN. However, if you install SimInf from source (from CRAN or a file), the installation process requires a C compiler, and that the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is installed on your system and is on the path. Note that GSL ( is not an R add-on package, but needs to be installed separately, for example, from a terminal using:

On Windows, the GSL files are downloaded, if needed, from during the installation of SimInf. Furthermore, when you install SimInf from source, depending on features of the compiler, the package is compiled with support for OpenMP. To find out more about installing R add-on packages in general, the R Installation and Administration ( manual describes the process in detail.

Install the latest stable release on CRAN

Run the following to install the released version of SimInf from CRAN (


Install the development version from GitHub

Use the remotes package to install the development version from GitHub (


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Please share and remix noncommercially, mentioning its origin.

Creative Commons License

This document was produced using SimInf version 8.2.0 and R version 4.0.3.

The SimInf software has been made possible by support from the Swedish Research Council within the UPMARC Linnaeus centre of Excellence (Pavol Bauer, Robin Eriksson and Stefan Engblom), the Swedish Research Council Formas (Stefan Engblom and Stefan Widgren), the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Stefan Widgren), and by the Swedish strategic research program eSSENCE (Stefan Widgren).